This Blueprint is the process how calculating your own Bulking & Diet Plan.

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Here Is How To Calculate Your Own Bulking & Diet Plan.

Quite a few factors determine the total energy your body burns every day, such as body size, total lean mass, body temperature, the thermic effect of foods, stimulants such as caffeine, and the types and amount of physical activity. A few things you need to know are: You’re Body weight on an empty stomach, Height, Age, and Body type (Hard gainer) in bodybuilding a person who does not find it easy to gain muscle through exercise or (Easy gainer) a person who practices bodybuilding and works out hard with weights buthas a hard time putting on muscle.

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  • Learn how to calculate your own BULKING & DIET Plan.
  • Learn how to calculate your daily calories for a cutting diet.
  • Know the Glycemic Index Charts.
  • Know The danger of hidden calories.
  • Learn Which body type are you.
  • Learn more to make sure about your body type to choose the right plan.

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When David was 12 years old, he harbored a crush on a girl in his class. However, his shyness prevented him from expressing his feelings directly. In an attempt to convey his emotions, he wrote a love note and discreetly placed it under his desk. Unfortunately, his classmates discovered the note and handed it to the girl. Initially excited, she later approached David with a disdainful look, expressing, "Do you really think I would go with you? Look at you; you're fat." This experience shattered David emotionally, prompting a transformative journey into the realms of nutrition and fitness. Determined to reshape his physique, he shed 20lbs in just two weeks by running after school and consuming only one apple daily. From that moment on, he immersed himself in reading countless books on dieting, nutrition, fitness, and bodybuilding.

Fueled by these emotional circumstances, he found clarity in choosing his major – nutritional science. At the age of 15, David confronted another painful situation as he witnessed his grandmother's deterioration following a stroke. Bedridden and unrecognizable, she became a burden on his mother, who served as her caregiver until her passing. Confronted with the stark reality of aging, David embarked on a quest to understand how to slow down aging and prevent age-related diseases, eventually becoming a longevity expert and biohacker. Today, he imparts his knowledge through longevity lectures in Arizona and has developed a highly regarded six-month Anti-Aging Blueprint program, which can be explored further on Arizona-Nutritionist.

Always harboring a dream to move to California, David faced repeated rejections as a foreign exchange student at the age of 19. After three and a half years of persistence, he finally received approval to attend CSUN University in Northridge, California. However, his journey was unexpectedly delayed due to the events of 9/11. Despite flight cancellations, David persevered, ultimately arriving safely and kickstarting his career in the fields of nutrition, disease prevention, and longevity. He delved into the study of functional nutrition, alternative medicine, and intuitive healing practices. Today, as the proprietor of Arizona-Nutritionist and OneStopAging, David extends his expertise globally, working with professional athletes, celebrities, and anyone seeking assistance in optimizing their health.

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